About Us

GMQ Corporation is a family own business in the heart of city Sialkot; the city of craftsmen, engineers, trade and industry.

For decades we have been excelling in the field of molding the finest and modern alloys of iron e.g. stainless steels of different kinds and others into advance quality instruments and tools.

Sometime it helps the best surgeons of the worlds in their complicated surgeries and operations in the form of General surgical, Dental, Neurosurgical, ophthalmic, maxillofacial & plastic surgical, orthopedic, Gynecology, ENT, Nasal and Cardio vascular instruments. Sometime we are found credible in Physicians with our diagnostic instruments during their diagnosis. Sometime our manufactured instruments and tools help the veterinarians in animal care. Sometime we fulfill the demands of hair stylists, manicurist, pedicurists by producing professional salon scissors, barber scissors, tweezers, filers, nail care cutters, nippers and other compliments. Sometime we stand with jewelers and opticians to provide them pliers, tools and tweezers for their professional use

Lastly we also do care about common man needs at home, office and other work place and design and produce for him utility tools.

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