Our History

Going into the roots of history it reveals that our nexus with iron is of period of centuries.
Initially our forefathers were well known for developing and manufacturing swords, spears and all other war weapons according to contemporary demands.

Industrial revolution in recent past three centuries also shrouded our craftsmanship and we diverted our energies, skills and engineering to manufacture mechanical parts ,we mastered new field and taught our techniques to others .

2nd half of 20th century was bloom period for us in auto industry covering the auto parts manufacturing and automobile maintenance.
Recently in last two decades, need of time and demand of town industry could never make us ignorant to develop, design and manufacture the instruments for different surgeries according to the demand of best surgeons of the world with high precision and remarkable quality. We also focused on animal care instruments, styling tools, professional barber scissors, implements for manicurists & pedicurists and tools for some other professionals. In the same way we stepped into present with manufacturing and exportation.

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